A day in the life of php

So, I had today off (saaaame as every Tuesday!)  What better way to spend it than doing 10 weeks worth of lab tasks for Databases, Networks and the web. That’s that out the way.

Despite the fact that it was a whole term’s worth of exercises, they were quite simple for someone who’s been using PHP for the best part of 15 years. Reallly simple. Posting form data and spamming superglobals, loops in HTML forms (.php files, obviously), creating and eating (deleting) cookies, cookie based CSS, arrays, MySQL communication etc etc.

My next task at hand is to do the coursework for that course which, judging by the requirements, should only take a day or 2 at ze most. That will involve creating a database and web based CD sales site.

The only downside to this is all of our lecturer’s example code seems hella outdated. Using “print” instead of “echo”, not that there’s anything wrong with that, print is just weird and always returns 1 and can only print one string which makes no sense for something that isn’t a method but kind of looks like a method if you want it to. Using mysql_ functions when the PHP.net docs clearly, by clearly i mean big ass pink box at top of documentation screaming READ ME, states the method is deprecated and will be removed in future revisions of PHP.  It’s not the end of the world, just less fortunate for anyone who is unaware that the relative content is outdated 🙁


Anyway, plan for the term -> do everything in the first few weeks and waste my time looking for a job! Money bitches, that’s what we needin’


1) Dynamic web coursework x2 (60/40)

2) Internet and distributed Programming labs and coursework

3) PAP coursework

4) Social Computing coursework.

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