Welcome to The Darker Corner. I am Tim – A B.Sc. Computer Science graduate from the UK.
I specialise in generalised programming and development with a focus on code, not UI. My experience involves a lot of web based tech such as node (not that I like it!), PHP, angular and the standard LAMP stack. I have also spent a lot of time working with Java, a bit of time with C++ and a fair amount of time with Swift for iOS. It’s reasonable to say that my strong suit is no particular tool, but the ability to pick up the knowledge to use a tool. I’m currently working on iOS app development using Swift, primarily the back-end of game development applications. I don’t tend to post much about that, though, although I will be posting about creating a Wake-on-lan application for iOS in the near future, since I need that in my life. I’ll probably integrate the shutdown feature too which I’ve written about here. I often find myself undertaking projects on a whim, such as setting up a local network server for my home, or building an angular SPA for that server, to control all sorts of stuff in my home. Such as my light, my TV, my desktop PC, providing an LDNA for the home and so on.

So, here I will post some stuff. Randomly. Related to the stuff I do. Random stuff. More specifically, if I happen to write any useful code or need to advertise random stuff, such as my book, this will be a place to do that.

So if I achieve a sweet goal, I tend to write about it here. Be sure to hit that bookmark and check back from time to time if you find this stuff interesting =)

hope you enjoy!

Another Introduction to Programming With Java

Another Introduction to Programming with Java Book. This is a book I wrote to introduce the reader to programming with Java, since at the time, I was working with it a lot and figured it would be a good idea to keep my Java knowledge fresh.

So, if you’re here it’s because you’ve read my book and followed my advice to check this page for any newly discovered problems with the book. So, if there are no problems listed below then all is well!

1) In chapter 9 (Recursion) I said that I’d demonstrate the timing of code execution with two different methods for calculating the nth Fibonacci sequence… Well, I completely forgot to add in that section so I’ve put it up as a blog post here detailing the process.

So far, so good!

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