Merging Shift and Vernam Cipher

This is the outcome of my attempt of merging the Shift and Vernam ciphers as part of the Computer Security module of my B.Sc. Computer Science degree, third year. The task itself is designed to stimulate an interest in a wide range of security topics. One of the following tasks were… Continue reading


So it’s been a long time since my last blog post. Partly because in between that last post and this post were a bunch of university-related posts that I have since unpublished (they were simply created as part of the course requirements O.o) and partly because life took over! i.e. I… Continue reading

Safe mode in Windows 8.1

So I decided to upgrade my graphics drivers and something went terribly wrong. Everything disappeared and the screen showed nothing but the cursor only if you moved the mouse. At first I thought “it’s cool, this shit happens when you update the ol’ gfx drivers…” Because it does. The only… Continue reading