So it’s been a long time since my last blog post. Partly because in between that last post and this post were a bunch of university-related posts that I have since unpublished (they were simply created as part of the course requirements O.o) and partly because life took over! i.e. I had third year to finish!

That’s all done and dusted now though, thankfully. University life is the good life but the education was painful. Everything I’ve taught myself over the years was basically repeated for the first 2 years and some of the 3rd year. Like, what? I’m paying £9,000 a year to get taught stuff I already know and then bitched at when I don’t attend my paid course because I don’t want to experience a mind numbingly torturous lecture explaining how to connect to a database with PHP and MySQL with no mention of MySQLi, PDO or prepared statements. That’s not to discredit the teaching or benefits it has for others, though, just my take on the whole situation.

Of course, I’m not saying I knew everything. I had the opportunity to master sockets and multi-threading in Java, take an in-depth look at computer security, Advanced Graphics and Animation,  Artificial Intelligence (never again) and physical computing (playing with an arduino, basically) and pretty much just abuse the sh*t out of Java at every opportunity. I literally dream Java now, I have it coming out my ears. And no, I don’t drink coffee.

The education aspects aside, university was a great experience. I found it boring at times, of course. I pretty much became an alcoholic in my first term and attended one lecture, priorities bro! and met some pretty awesome people.

I never had any intention of going to university. Back in 2010 I was at my wits end with what to do with my life, relaxing was no longer a feasible option. So, I took my ass back to college and studied Law, Maths and Computing and met a pretty amazing girl. Of course, it pains me to say, we seldom speak now, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. If it wasn’t for this magnificent, young woman, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered going to university. I mean wtf is “ucas”, that’s what I thought when I first heard it lol. But that loving peer pressure pushed me to where I am today and I’ll always be eternally grateful. Let’s call it the love of Mordor.

Anyway, the real reason I decided to write this wee blog post is 1) because I have a blog that I don’t use which is kind of stupid and 2) it’s been a while.

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