Java for breakfast, lunch and tea – and I don’t mean coffee

So, right now I’m meant to be in a social computing workshop but slept through my alarm thanks to the good ol’ codeine I took as a midnight snack to reduce ze tooth ache. I could go in for the next 90 minutes or so but I’m pretty sure that I’m still asleep.

That aside, nothing else is planned for this glorious, cold and whitish-grey day so following in yesterday’s footsteps I will tackle my Internet and Distributed Programming (aka sockets and threads) lab problems. All of them. Today.
The downside of that is that they just look so freakin’ tedious… write code on local machine, compile, run, close console ’cause windows doesn’t have an escape combination that works, repeat – transfer code to igor, SSH into igor, compile, run, close SSH because windows doesn’t have an escape combination that works… etc etc
I bid you a good day, my pedigree chums!
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