Merging Shift and Vernam Cipher

This is the outcome of my attempt of merging the Shift and Vernam ciphers as part of the Computer Security module of my B.Sc. Computer Science degree, third year. The task itself is designed to stimulate an interest in a wide range of security topics. One of the following tasks were to be chosen:

1. Design and implement a secure password system

2. Analyse an existing password program

3. Improve the security level of an existing password system

The task was primarily aimed a group collaboration, teams consisting of 3 people only. Alice, Bob and Charlie (A,B and C).

Person A would be responsible for the planning, schedule and preliminary research for the password system.

Person B would be responsible for the implementation of the password system.

Person C would be responsible for the security quality of the password system.

The quotes above are taken directly from the coursework specification and it appears that the responsibilities of each person don’t make much sense in regards to tasks 2 and 3.


I opted to do this task solo because, well, it was permitted for starters and although group work is good for building teamwork skills, its not really fair for an official grade to be given to one person based on somebody else’s, positive or negative.

So the idea behind the system I attempted to create was to merge the functionality of the Shift and vernam ciphers. By merging them, I mean performing one and then the other consecutively. The data to be encrypted was a password as plaintext which would be part of a user account administration software for a local area network, totally fictional of course. The report discusses what I was attempting to achieve, when I noticed that things weren’t going according to plan and why and how I completed the overall system with some last minute changes due to the problem discovered.

Anyway, the report is attached – I just wanted to share it with the world lol 😀


Merging Shift and Vernam Cipher

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